Another Take on Modesty

I’ve been following with interest the discussion on feminine beauty and godliness over at Traditional Christianity, but have refrained from commenting because I don’t have much to say on the topic.

Meanwhile, Frost wrote an article about nootropics (h/t Red Pill Theory).  I mention nootropics merely as a courtesy to Frost; the highlight of the article for me was the illustration he chose:

Can we, I don’t know, regulate this like guns or something?

I honestly have a hard time envisioning what life would be like if you looked like this on a regular basis.  I imagine a lot of free food, and  being invited to lots of places.  I imagine going to parties and having people come talk to you rather than the reverse.  I imagine meeting a lot of people who knew my name beforehand without my knowing theirs.  I imagine running into kind strangers a lot.

It seems like it would be kind of…powerful.

* * *

I’m a dude.  I like lifting things, and pushing things, and running fast and throwing accurately and hitting hard.  I like building things, and I really like building things that do things.  I like  doing.  I don’t “clean” my kitchen, I subdue it.  I like winning, especially if someone else was trying to beat me.  If I’m rich, I like to be able to eliminate problems by throwing money at them.  I like ordering people around and punching through walls.  I get a visceral sense of satisfaction in achieving things by dint of brute force.

At some point, someone came up with the idea that with the power of brute force comes a responsibility to use it well; we call it chivalry.

* * *

As soon as the SMP starts, many young women generally have a huge advantage over…well, everybody else.  I described some of the effects of that advantage above.

If I were to describe how I’m starting to think about modesty, it would be by analogy:  modesty is to women as chivalry is to men.


8 comments on “Another Take on Modesty

  1. donalgraeme says:

    It is true that beautiful women have a lot of power in the SMP. But so do really Alpha men. The major difference is that it is more obvious when a women has that power than when a man does.

    • True, and if there’s one demographic that probably should be taking man-up chivalry talk seriously, it’s probably guys at the top of the SMP.

      What we really need, though, is the state equivalent of chivalry. The state is vastly more powerful than it used to be, but it lacks any sense of shame, since it’s an idea, not a person.

    • David Collard says:

      Yes. I never felt that women like that had that much power. There were some women who were out of my league, but not many. They are only women you know, not Goddesses.

      They all lie down and spread their legs one day. And they are all the same model under the hood.

      I married a girl who looked, to my eyes at least, better than that girl. No big deal.

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  3. Keanu says:

    Yes. “Powerful” is a good descriptor in that situation. I have used this argument in talking to girls about why smoking hot teenagers put pics of themselves in precarious (and sexy) positions. All that attention has gotta be almost like a high. (71 facebook likes? I’m like, soo sexy)

  4. A Northern Observer says:

    I don’t “clean” my kitchen, I subdue it.

    Love it!

  5. […] Congrats, reader!  Some of this is inborn, similar to my penchant for punching things. […]

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