The Rebuttal I Wish I’d Written

David Hines wrote a good tweetstorm about the organization asymmetry between Right and Left, but what gnawed at me about it was: the Left should not be our example!  Over at Thermidor Richard Greenhorn highlighted the actual root problem:


We should all be praying for guidance.  The victory will not come because of our efforts—we may even lose the battle, from our point of view.

God bless you, and yours.

Against Skill

Heartiste will occasionally run a post featuring a “Game Challenge” for readers.  They basically go:  “You are in <x situation>.  <Y> happens.  What do you do?”  Readers are invited to comment, etc.

And, you know, this is useful, within its sphere.  But it minimizes something important: often the time for effort and skill is not “now,” but it was yesterday, or it will be tomorrow.  It’s tempting to think of “game” or “skill” as its own, independent, fundamental entity, that can be tested in an isolated, head-to-head trial:

An example from a few days ago:


Theodore asks,

“Game question: What is the best way to respond when a girl asks if she annoys you?”


Heartiste has an answer, and it’s alright.  But the answers most useful for dudes in their actual lives would be:

“Beats me.  If it’s possible that a small failure here tanks the whole relationship, then I’ve already screwed up.”


“Beats me.  If this goes south though it’s not the end of the world.  I’ll keep pursuing my goals and approach someone else.”


The race is not to the swift.