Another Take on Modesty

I’ve been following with interest the discussion on feminine beauty and godliness over at Traditional Christianity, but have refrained from commenting because I don’t have much to say on the topic.

Meanwhile, Frost wrote an article about nootropics (h/t Red Pill Theory).  I mention nootropics merely as a courtesy to Frost; the highlight of the article for me was the illustration he chose:

Can we, I don’t know, regulate this like guns or something?

I honestly have a hard time envisioning what life would be like if you looked like this on a regular basis.  I imagine a lot of free food, and  being invited to lots of places.  I imagine going to parties and having people come talk to you rather than the reverse.  I imagine meeting a lot of people who knew my name beforehand without my knowing theirs.  I imagine running into kind strangers a lot.

It seems like it would be kind of…powerful.

* * *

I’m a dude.  I like lifting things, and pushing things, and running fast and throwing accurately and hitting hard.  I like building things, and I really like building things that do things.  I like  doing.  I don’t “clean” my kitchen, I subdue it.  I like winning, especially if someone else was trying to beat me.  If I’m rich, I like to be able to eliminate problems by throwing money at them.  I like ordering people around and punching through walls.  I get a visceral sense of satisfaction in achieving things by dint of brute force.

At some point, someone came up with the idea that with the power of brute force comes a responsibility to use it well; we call it chivalry.

* * *

As soon as the SMP starts, many young women generally have a huge advantage over…well, everybody else.  I described some of the effects of that advantage above.

If I were to describe how I’m starting to think about modesty, it would be by analogy:  modesty is to women as chivalry is to men.

Feminism’s Two Great Lies

“Women: the men do not love you, and are not to be trusted.”

“Men:  let the women take over, and rest.”

Men have responded, and said, “What?  We are no longer trusted!  Then we will no longer love.”

Women are in charge, and desperately wish to rest.

I Want to Believe, and Beta Resistance to the Pill

Some things are true but not worth investigating.

Did you know there’s a nickel under the passenger seat of your car?

Now, that may or may not be true.  But you’re not going to look, because who cares?

Some things are true, and are worth investigating, but are so terrifying to contemplate that we will actively reject evidence that points to them.  Couldn’t German townsfolk near death camps during the Holocaust have put the pieces together and realized what was going on?

I’m sure they could have if presented with the clues as part of a party game.  But when it was a)a source of livelihood b)would require active revolt against their government, and c)would mean that all the hope Hitler had brought to Germany* had to be discarded…it became a deduction not worth making.

Alcestiseshtemoa recently posted the following:

Again, doesn’t it seem more proper again for there to be woman-up rants instead of the garbage we’re thrown by Driscoll, Mohler, et. al?

It is more proper, but various men don’t want to hear, and a majority of women don’t want that to be heard nor said.

Now, for a second, forget about the women not wanting to hear.  Let’s talk about the men.

Why don’t men want to hear?  We’re definitely susceptible to our own egos.  Why does the idea that, “Hey, generally everything you thought when you were five years old was right, and those bastard adults lied to you, pulling pigtails was totally the name of the game” meet with such resistance?

The answer is twofold.

For alphas, it would just be inconvenient.  If what you’re doing is working, why screw it up with some weird crazy-person ideas?

For betas, it represents the End of the World.  It means the Nice Girl your mom(and maybe your dad, poor man) told you about is not coming to save you.  It is nothing less than the realization that the common thread in your bad relationships (or lack thereof) is you, and fixing that will require losing even the scraps of validation you do get.  What’s the worst thing about finding out that (to be simplistic) Feminism is Wrong?  It’s that (and you know this) feminism is also in charge, and now, by learning this, you just got signed up for the Rebellion.

*Yes, all the hope.  Watch this video until the crowd starts cheering.  About a minute.

Idolatry and the Beta Male, pt 2

My last post was not as clear as I would have liked.  The main idea I was trying to communicate: Betas want women more than they want God, and that is why they fail.  That this idolatry lurks behind porn/masturbation, adultery, and fornication, is hopefully behind argument.  However, it also lurks behind:

  • Validation seeking (If women serve as your compass, then God does not)
  • Supplication (“O Great Vagina Bearer, I Offer Thee Steak, Grant Me Thou Thy Favor”)

This should perhaps be longer, but this is all I have for now.  Adieu, reader.

Idolatry and the Beta Male

The idea that feminism is modern idolatry is not new (empathological’s post is dynamite btw, and funny to boot…heh…tunnel), and I think it’s spot-on.  Empathological’s post focuses mostly on Churchianity’s large-scale, churchwide observance of this particular form of idolatry in its various levels (White Knight SoCons being the least extreme, goddess worship the most).But I want to talk about the small-scale effects—the effects on one man.

She was gorgeous.  AND smart.  And she was into me.  There we were, sitting there eating Indian food, talking about…something.  I don’t remember.  Something smart.  I knew it!  Those meatheads were stronger and better-looking and cooler than me, but I was only one who’d spotted this diamond.

“Yeah,” she said.  “I think I’ll try to move to LA or something after school, maybe try to get a writing internship for a studio.”

Full stop.  What?  I thought she was into me!  I thought this was going somewhere!  It should be going somewhere, right?  Isn’t that the Plan?  Why is she not on board?

Okay, focus.  Don’t stir up trouble.  Don’t lose this.

“Oh…yeah, that’d be cool,” I say.

This is, I’m not particularly proud to say, a true account, experienced by yours truly.

Look, marriage is ordained of God.  He instituted the practice, and warned against those who would forbid it.  It is a good, righteous thing.

And in the anecdote above, I chickened out.  I saw the girl a few more times, after she had stated openly—and I had agreed—that this was probably not going to move to marriage.

Oh, don’t worry, I got my thirty pieces of silver, even in a beta frame.  A few nights later we had a good makeout session (laugh if you want, this is pretty racy as unmarried LDS guys go).  In the morning, I got up (from my bed), packed my things, and drove to my home state, end of the semester.  I never saw her again.

I had, after all, gotten what I wanted.  I’d made my choice in the restaurant.

Empathological wasn’t the first to write about this.  Pickup long ago formalized the concept of “pussy worship,” or giving undue power to sex in your decisionmaking.  Christians are focused on worship, and are concerned when it turns to the wrong thing; pickup artists are focused on the wrong thing, and are concerned when it turns to worship.

But, as I don’t need to tell you, exactly this kind of idolatry is near-universal.  Guys who wouldn’t dream of going swimming on Sunday will fall all over themselves twisting scripture to avoid offending One Who Bears A Vagina.  Crap like this is a perfect example.  No sir, no abject reversal of doctrine here!  Just us chickens, massa.

Now, idol worship sounds like a pretty good gig, particularly if you’re at the top.  But don’t think it’s a completely loose religion—it too has its own rituals that must be observed.

Behold, the Beta Sacrament!


Porn has the distinction of being both endlessly available and terrible for you.  It severs your connection with the Spirit and…and…yada…

Wait, you’ve heard all this before.  Here’s another perspective:  Porn is goddess worship.  It’s addictive—using it places you in subjection to the female.  And, deep down, we know this.  No man who has his life together regarding women needs porn.  It is an acknowledgement of thinking with the (easily fooled, easily manipulated) little head, rather than the big one.

And that weakness is precisely what will stop you from passing shit tests.

Husbands are commanded to love their wives, not submit to them—and with sex in the mix, you have to pick one or the other.

Recommended reading: Porn kills your dick’s soul  (and for fun: King of the Dongs)

Gangs of Men, Game, and Christianity

Several years ago, when I was learning about pickup, but still blind to the larger implications (if crap like this works, what does that mean?), I remember reading about the concept of a “lair.”  I don’t know if it’s still current, and the name sounds somewhat…creepy[1], but it’s a good idea.  For those who’ve taken the red pill through different vectors, the basic idea is it’s a bunch of pickup-aware guys who sarge/wing together, trade tips, etc.

Why did Christ truck about with twelve apostles?  Why did David have his thirty-three-odd “mighty men?”

What is it about groups of men that is so powerful?

First the obvious: Ten men are more powerful than one man.  You lose some freedom by being part of such a group, but you gain protection, backup, advice, and access to resources.

Okay, so why does it need to be a group of men? To play devil’s advocate, especially in the modern age, why not throw a “strong, independent” woman in there?

The reason is that groups like this require a strong element of loyalty and self-sacrifice, even and especially when it’s a losing proposition for the person in question.  I’m talking about hard stuff, like “Hold them off as long as you can until they kill you,” in a military setting, and “As you promised you would, come to this place at this time, even though you have math homework.” [2]

(Can you imagine this speech being given to women?)

Men are not perfect, but women are horrible at protecting the group at expense of self.

Okay, but, as we are all aware (and if we are not, let me tell you, IT IS AN ISSUE AND FRANKLY WE SHOULD PROBABLY CALL IT RAPE) some women are self-sacrificial for the group!  They can meet every standard you can think of!  At Least One Woman Is Like That![3]  Why not allow that particular special snowflake in?

This is the interesting part.  The answer is: because she plays hell with the intra-group social dynamics.

  1. If not completely in submission (mentally, not “officially”) to either God or some man, she will at least prod individual members of the group for personal validation.  This is missing the entire point of the group, which is to motivate prosocial behavior by only providing contingent validation to its members.  This prod for validation (it may be framed as “a welcoming environment”), without accompanying prosocial behavior, makes the group (ready for this one?) unequal, in that there is now a protected class with special rights.  Groups like this may be hierarchical, but they are still quite egalitarian, in that every member of the group plays under the same rules[4], having the same opportunities, if not the same outcomes.
  2. Even if we have a hypothetical woman who is really a man in a woman’s body, in terms of not prodding for special privileges, there’s still the woman’s body.  She represents a walking temptation to betray the group that happens to also be sentient.  There is always the possibility that a weak member of the group will be tempted to break ranks for some sweet hot love—or, more usually, some puppy-sweet beta-aimed validation from (gasp!) a female.[5]  She can be perfectly demure and still have this effect.
  3. At the extreme, she can cause intra-group competition for her.  This is death for group cohesion, and threatens the group.  True, there should be some competition in the group for status, but the contest and outcome must be decided by and for the group, not someone who happens to have internal gonads.  There is a reason that pickup artists signal each other on who “the target” is—competition within the group is toxic.

Now, there is one huge, huge benefit that comes with these groups, and I think it is of import to the manosphere, particularly the Christian manosphere.  If the male group, as a whole, passes whatever multitude of shit tests it will face from its equivalent females, then it can change the opinion of the female group as a whole.  This is huge—a common story in the manosphere is that a wife spent too much time clubbing with her slut single/divorced friends, absorbed their poison, and went EPL soon after.  The female group can support and sustain a marriage, even with divorce laws as they are, but it won’t do that automatically.  If all the husbands within a group are resolute, then all the wives will flip from epl candidate to loving wife, and if this is all made explicit, then the women will adopt it as “the only sensible thing to do,” even to each other.
But it starts with the men.  And they have to stick together.  And they have to get it through their heads that celibacy is not death, because until they do, they’re vulnerable to defecting and crashing the whole thing down.

EDIT: I would be remiss if I did not refer the reader to Jack Donovan’s The Way of Men, as well as the excellent series at the Art of Manliness.

[1]I know, I know, I apologize.

[2]You might think this is not so hard.  Ask yourself: have you ever been flaked on?

[3]Either “fair lades” is going real-mainstream, or ALOWILT is going manosphere-mainstream.

[4]They said unto him, Grant unto us that we may sit, one on thy right hand, and the other on thy left hand, in thy glory.

 But Jesus said unto them, Ye know not what ye ask: can ye drink of the cup that I drink of? and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with?  (Mark 10:38)

[5]And Delilah said to Samson, Tell me, I pray thee, wherein thy great strength lieth, and wherewith thou mightest be bound to afflict thee. (Judges 16:6)

Don’t go where the girls are plentiful, go where the men are weak

“Hey man, we’re at this awesome party!  There are a ton of hot girls here!  Get on over here!”

Due to my having some best buds who lovingly have my interests at heart, I will get this call every now and then.  And, until recently, I’d say, “Cool, I’ll be right over.”

This has met with mixed results.  I won’t describe the good results, because they’re what you’d expect from my friends’ invitation.  The bad results are much more interesting:  Dropit, how can you go to a party with a bunch of fair lades[1] and not do well?

Answer:  I’m a beta.[2]

This isn’t said with self-hatred or anything, just clear eyes.  I’m a shut-in math major.  I take terrible care of my body so I’m skin and bones.  I put zero effort into my appearance in terms of hair or anything else.  I’m pretty sure the last shirt I bought was four years ago, and I’m wearing it right now.  I can’t tell you who won the Final Four(Is it over yet?  I don’t know.  See?).

What is one of the “big ideas” of the red pill?  Tyler Durden called it the “secret society,” your grandmother(hopefully) called them “cads,” and you probably called them “douchebags” at some point.  In plain terms: 20% of the men getting 80% of the sex(Usually you discover the manosphere because you are part of the other 80%…but not always)[3].

Let’s think through the implications of that.  Say there’s a group of ten guys and ten girls:


Let’s say that the lines represent females being viscerally attracted to the males.


As you can see, it’s pretty lopsided.  You might think this is kind of extreme.  “WTF Dropit seriously?  No one at all is attracted to dudes 6-10?”  Well…apparently.  Remember, only about 33% of your ancestors were male.  Looking at the chart, who has the ability to reproduce?  The top five guys, and all ten women.  So yeah, the ratio seems about right.

But this isn’t what my friends were describing.  Let’s tilt the playing field in favor of the men a bit:


My friends would probably call me if this were the situation.

But let’s apply our 80/20 rule here and see what happens:


Here’s a question: which situation is better for guy #8?

Bzzzzzt! Trick question.  Look at the attraction graphs.  Neither situation is good.  In the second situation, he just knows more women that don’t like him.  Fantastic.

Here’s the fun part.  Let’s imagine instead an Omega Convention.  Our intrepid #8 may not be Harley McRockbandsinger[4], but he has no crippling disabilities, doesn’t laugh like a warthog, and has the social intelligence not to supplicate every five seconds.  So here, he is top of the pack.  Due to a sadistic traffic cop aware of the Manosphere, five women wander in, thinking this is a frat party.


Look at our (former) #8!  In an environment with twice as many males as before, and one THIRD as many females as before, he has increased the number of fair lades[5] attracted to him by an order of magnitude, simply by being higher in the local male hierarchy.

As I reflect on past experiences, it checks out—I’ve had much more success in groups that I dominated, even with more men than women, than I’ve had in groups full of cute girls, but where I was middling or at the bottom (it doesn’t matter, there’s “top” and “not top”) in the male hierarchy.

So it turns out, as far as the opposite sex goes, better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven, if you’re a dude.

There’s more to be covered here, particularly the effects of tightly-knit male groups, but this is a good kickoff to the blog.

[1]I knew some guys from Vegas who used this phrasing, and I thought it was cool. If the Manosphere doesn’t go mainstream, maybe this will.

[2]If we go by Vox Day’s categorizations, I’m actually a gamma.  But “not alpha” is all we really need for now, so “beta” will suffice.

[3]The exact proportions are unimportant; what’s important is that it’s very uneven.

[4]C’mon, everyone knows drummers get no respect.

[5]Yep. Definitely going mainstream.