Ambiguity is a part of life.  Ambiguity is highly inconvenient.

We throw around a lot of do’s and don’ts around this part of the internet.  But be warned!  There’s always the danger of taking these things out of context.

If you’ve heard two conflicting pieces of advice (“Absence makes the heart grow fonder” -> “Out of sight, out of mind”), be careful following *either* of them until you understand how the other one is true as well.

Drunken Thoughts on A Sunday Night

…or, something.  I don’t drink.  But that was sort of the state of mind that gave rise to these:


from reddit:

In the wild there are alphas and betas within animal groups, but human societies don’t (and shouldn’t) work in exactly the same way.


Modern secular society:  nothing is sacred and humans are just evolved monkeys, except when it’s convenient.


Moloch’s Consort

Products are to evolve rather than be planned.  Students are to gain admission on merit, rather than heritage (unless that heritage is oppressed).  Long live the Red Queen!  May she ever keep us at peak productivity.  Trouble is, Moloch is her pimp.  The last thing he wants is space for people to rest.  Moloch:  the Equalist’s Choice.



Proper Focus

I gave a lesson today in church on a talk by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, titled “Grateful in Any Circumstances.”  Were I to rephrase it for exactness, I’d call it “Grateful in the Most Important of the Circumstances in Which We Find Ourselves, That Being The Atonement of Jesus Christ.”  Our mortal travails are as nothing compared to the joy that awaits.  Don’t take my word for it, find out yourself.  But if you already knew, here is a reminder.