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  1. Oldřich says:

    In the end, there is judgement.

    There is the hard truth of reality. The hard sick business logic of it, unassailable monolith of ever-present black evil, the futility of any kind of honest appeal to organize a reasonable thing among ourselves. The proud resignation, slack joyless hedonism, grueling and empty consumerism that is little but bottomless hunger. The vanity and waste of time. The rage and anger to fill the time, the sniggering and squabbling voices. And the barrenness of the spaces of refuge, of porn and PC games. And so on.

    It cannot be denied, closing eyes to get rid of that darkness only distracts for a little while, the claustrophobia then only hits that much harder. One has given everything already and so much more is demanded. The craving all around, the anxiety and ugliness.

    In the end, there is judgment and in the darkest moment, light. Fundamentally, the judge, the judged and the judgement are a certain unity. Out of the exhaustion, a sort of a break, a sudden idea.


    Having mercy on own soul.

    Having mercy on own soul and driving all blames into one. Everything was apparently just a bad dream the whole time. Love reigns – obviously – and all the misunderstandings are being cleared up, gradually, consistently, practically. Watch 

    Breaking the threads of sin is not an achievement of reason, speech, or deed. Understanding sin is futile. Describing it is pointless. Fighting it just increases the confusion.

    There is a subtle trick to this, a sort of special wrist flick, kind of a jiggle and wiggle that gets the job done. Three phase movement. It is better to practice on smaller objects first. Very difficult to fluidly connect all three, to pass the three borders without hesitation.

    What was understood has to be spoken. What was spoken has to be done. What was done has to be understood.

    When everything else is exhausted, a magical world of pure joy arises, where everything else is exhausted.

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