Idiosyncrasy Credits

A few days ago I came across Jacob Falkovich’s “Predictable Identities” series, which introduced me to the concept of idiosyncrasy credits, or, better phrased for personal application, a “weirdness budget.”  The basic idea is that humans like predictability on a fundamental level, including in those they associate with.  To be able to predict someone requires that you be able to model them, and when trying to understand someone, it helps a lot to be like them.

There were several new ideas in here for me:

  •  The connection between difference and unpredictability:  the more different someone is from you, the less context you have about their life from shared experience, and the harder they are to model
  • The connection between unpredictability and aversion.
  • Explicitly modeling this as a continuous spectrum (credits) rather than an on/off switch

3 comments on “Idiosyncrasy Credits

  1. Oldřich says:

    Wouldn’t calling it a “weirness muscle” be better? I mean, it gets tired, but it also gets stronger 🙂

    Core concept anyway. Good digging.

    • Oldřich says:

      Yeah, I read the linked material carelessly, and misunderstood it in a quite an ironical way. Disregard what I have said. The praise part is only reinforced by this.

  2. rugby11 says:

    Good listen

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