Late Night Note On Passivism

I came across a comment on Free Northerner’s excellent (old) post on Passivism:


Augustina wrote:

It seems that the tenets of passivism are 1) become worthy 2) some things happen 3) accept power. Where people are disagreeing it seems is exactly what those “some things” are. Face it, throughout human history those “some things” are violence. Nature abhors a vacuum, and when one authority loses legitimacy and then becomes weak, minor strong men begin to assert power, fight with each other, and then through this process of violence a new authority is brought about. This can take several generations.

Oh, passivism. It has everything to recommend it but quickening the heart.  What follows is a short Q&A:

Q:  What are the “some things?”  Where will they come from?

A:  Who knows?  Probably some violence, probably some scandal.  Chaos.  Cleansing fire.  Things falling apart, the center not holding.  The passivist lets the chaos of the world be his weapon.  Some of it will be human-initiated.  Some of it will even be right-motivated!  But rest assured, it will come.  A self-contradictory world eventually collapses.  A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Q: This is supremely boring

A: Yep, like watching for a pot to boil.  If you’re looking for dopamine hits, I suggest regular calisthenics over politics.

Q: But what about ——————-(some variation of meme warfare or violence)?

A:  These things are unnecessary and only muddy the waters.  The system already unavoidably produces them, or at least the incongruities and discontent that produce them.  One is not a passivist to hasten a collapse—that will happen of its own, and when it occurs, even for the passivists it will get worse before it gets better—but for quickest possible recovery and cleanest possible transition after that.

Q: But then what should I spend my time on?

A:  Probably housework and exercise.

3 comments on “Late Night Note On Passivism

  1. Hazelshade says:

    Off topic: I stumbled on your blog earlier this week. You have done some great work here!

  2. Oldřich says:

    Hey SPD, I did a piece and I’d like to know what you would think of it. Also, let me know how you are progressing with the figuring-women-out project. If you hit an impasse, we could compare notes.

    cheerio 🙂

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