The Gaslight Discount

I just had to highlight this comment from Acksiom over at Dalrock’s

>No, they hate natural masculinity

No, actually they don’t. All this pathologizing of natural masculinity is a bargaining trick, a negotiating tactic. Men’s liberation is a threat to their bank balances, so they try to make everyone devalue and dehumanize men and boys, including men and boys themselves. This trains men and boys to accept less compensation for taking on their traditional roles, and trains normal, healthy people to more casually accept the devaluation and dehumanization of their own family, friends, congregations, and colleagues for similar benefits.

“Misogyny” has never really been a thing in western civ. There is virtually no real ‘hatred’ of women in western civ and never was. It was all a big gaslighting lie from the start. And the reciprocal characterization of male-bashing and -devaluing and -dehumanizing as misandry is just as false. They don’t hate men and masculinity. They hate having to pay men what their masculinity is increasingly worth.

(Aside for the PUA’s out there:  who has really been negged?)

Just because they don’t know it doesn’t make it untrue.  But the two are inseparable.  Men are like machines in a lot of ways:  put in respect, get out freeways, airplanes, electricity, medicine…  You can of course want the latter without giving the former, and you can even have that, but it comes with a rider attached:”Your civilization dies.”

One scripture I have been pondering lately comes from the Book of Mormon:

for I know that [God] granteth unto men according to their desire, whether it be unto death or unto life;

Sooner later, everyone gets what they want.  Whether they’ll like it once they’ve got it is another matter.

But away from schadenfreude and towards something useful.  What are men to do?  How does Acksiom’s comment change our understanding?

First, and most importantly, it highlights that there is a price to be paid.  True, it is no fun to not be paid what you’re worth—but it’s even worse to internalize it and believe you are only worth what you’re being paid.

Can you just send out a memo to the world and say, “Hey guys, I realized I’m worth more, start paying me my due”?  No.  Not usually.  You get what you negotiate, not what you deserve.

You can go on strike.  There’s a problem with this, though:  a strike means you’re not working.  And you should be working:

Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake…In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground;

Work is good for you.  It’s the power to affect the world.

The answer is to work, but for things that can’t be stolen.  Health, knowledge, good will, spirituality.  Moldbug wrote (somewhere…) that free trade is the weapon of the strong—we can generalize it and say that fungibility and transferability are good for the strong (because they can use what they take) but bad for the weak (because now they can be plundered).  We are not strong.

This suggests, by the way, one area that Reaction and the androsphere could improve on:  the fine art of tax evasion reduction.

Men should actively look for opportunities to cooperate with and help each other.  Group buying, loans, small companies, lectures—these sorts of things are how a group acquires power.

Will the world come, penitent, on hands and knees?  Focus on smaller goals.  By the time they do, after all, we (or our children) will wish we’d prepared better.


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