Complexity Tip: Stay In Your Lane

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a pretty interesting person.  It’s not like this blog is advertised—well, except on This Week in Reaction, but if you’re reading that, then you’re definitely interesting, so.


More than interesting, you’re probably interested.  This area of the internet tries, successfully or not, to cover it all: sociology, complex systems, religion, economics.  You can find well-written arguments on both sides of issues, as well as opinions to the effect that the real issue is…


It can be a lot.  Dalrock likens some of what you learn around here to wearing They Live glasses—and it really can be.  You sort of walk around looking at people and noticing dumb things they do, and you feel alone because you know if you spoke up about it there’d be an uproar.  And meanwhile maybe you’re asking yourself, “What is the proper Reactionary thing to have for breakfast this morning?”

So all of this stuff, the complexity of the world around you, and in you, can add up and be overwhelming.  And one who is overwhelmed is one who is losing.

Here is my solution: to stay in my lane.  It’s a false choice between “Fix everything and be overwhelmed” and “Retreat and let things go to hell around you.”  “Fix everything and be overwhelmed” isn’t actually an option—in practice, you fail at fixing everything and just get overwhelmed, which helps nobody.

On the other hand, the good you do for yourself, you can also prevent yourself from destroying.  You can sow, with some expectation of reaping.

Feelin’ good today, reader.  Good things ahead.

One comment on “Complexity Tip: Stay In Your Lane

  1. John Q Public says:

    Good advice.

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