Why I’m not a White Nationalist

In polite society, no one writes essays with titles like this, because one of the rules of polite society is “You are not a white nationalist.”

But this is impolite society, so who knows?  Maybe I am.

Well, I’m not, but before I say why, I should mention that WN’s, in my limited, internet-only experience, have some fairly good points.  Certainly I’m more sympathetic to them than your garden-variety progressive.  Nor am I blind to the media’s manifest untrustworthiness when it comes to anything possibly relevant to race.

For that matter, I’m generally more comfortable around white people, and I’m OK with that.  I’m pretty sure it’s the norm for everyone to feel more at ease around others like them.

What weirds me out, however, is that WN’s seem to sometimes turn “whiteness” into a virtue elevated above others.  This strikes me as just…weird.  There are good people who are white.  But…there’s also human filth that’s white.  A philosophy so focused on race that it puts Trump and Washington on an equal level is a philosophy that’s got some splainin’ to do.

WN’s make an appeal that I think is very important, to group loyalty.  Loyalty is, basically, discrimination, and I think it’s an important, necessary part of life.  Loyalty is what makes a man bring food home to his kids rather than give it to some other kids.  It’s important to love what you are, and those close to you.

But that is not the same thing as implying that you, or those like you, are perfect, or ideals of virtue.  To an extent, loving others is about seeing what they could be, and urging them on.

I do not get the sense that white nationalism, as a whole, makes either self-improvement, or encouragement of others, a priority.  A movement like that would probably trying to fight meth, or start co-op farms.  Poor whites are in trouble, and it’s a shame that not much is being done for them, but I don’t get the sense that WN is that interested in helping them.  I’m not sure it’s interested in doing anything, really.

The final, more visceral reason I’m not a white nationalist, is an almost nastily racist one: race nationalists are losers.  BLM gets airtime and “space to destroy,” but none of their sound and fury will make the inner city safer.  Every Mexican flag held up outside a Trump rally is another person who won’t really enjoy the Captain America movies.  BLM members and black traders at Goldman Sachs are not the same people.  And white nationalists…well, yeah, The Force Awakens was really stupid about how it just rehashed A New Hope, but John Boyega did a good job.  I like him in the role.  It’d be a shame to spoil your enjoyment of the film over something like ideology.


5 comments on “Why I’m not a White Nationalist

  1. James says:

    I think you can not be a WN (which I am not too, I think for the same reasons. Whiteness itself is obviously no virtue).

    At the same time I am extremely cautious of breathing in even the slightest bit of anti-white propaganda from the media. It is in everything. Might as well be in every word. The demonic mission is sleepless.

    On star wars: I could never watch it. Knowing the effect this is having on impressionable minds (i.e. everyone not like us WEIRDOs), it would ruin my enjoyment. Knowing the demonic smile behind every frame would ruin it too.

    It is critical that white men are replaced for progress to really move on the next step for the damnation machine.

  2. glosoli says:


    I just found your blog today and have been reading posts.

    I have enjoyed what you write about, and how you write, and the insights you share.

    On the topic of this post (WN) I would encourage you to think of God’s work in appointing the nations. Also look at the etymology of the word ‘nation’.

    White nationalism is biblical, and Christianity would not have spread without the unique mix of God’s word and that unusual altruism and trust that white men seem to have, but other races do not. You ever wonder why the Chinese went left, rather than to God? It’s genetic. Ditto the arabs and the Japanese.

    I agree that whites today are not the whites of the 1500 reformation period (sadly).

    But we need to survive what lies ahead.

    • Hey amigo, nice to meet you. I’m glad you’ve liked what you’ve found.

      My best friend from middle/high school is half-Jew from his mother’s side, which according to some way of reckoning that I don’t know well (not being Jewish myself) makes him all-Jew. He’s agnostic, which is the 20th/21st-century way of saying atheist.

      (I don’t think I mentioned it in the blog post above, but I myself am some mix of Welsh, Dutch, and Scottish blood).

      It should bear mentioning how this friend and I got to be friends: we were the nerds. I will not say I am “really smart” because I have certainly made (many more than) my share of stupid mistakes, but let’s just say that I had really, really good test scores.

      It has not passed unnoticed in my head that gee, maybe there wasn’t much coincidence in the fact that my best friend in high school (and now, for that matter) just happened to be jewish.

      So what I’m getting at is that I am not much of an HBD-denier. I don’t get particularly jazzed about HBD, because sometimes it is merely a front for haters to hate. But knowing what I know about progressivism, it’s not hard to see that there is in fact a “there” And there is of course my own faith’s somewhat ambiguous beliefs on race, lineage, etc. Mormons are not exactly sure what God thinks about race, but we are pretty sure he thinks something.

      All that said; it seems like a pretty substantial failure to miss that one of the lessons of the New Testament was that God made the Jews strong, not the other way around. What did the vaunted Ashkenazi intelligence do for them in 1943?

      So: I am all for white nationalism in the sense that the hoteps are for blacks—that is, I care about the white race as an abstraction, I think it should be prominent, and hell, rule the world!

      On the other hand, I have access to enough history to know that the primary determining factor of a people’s welfare is their devotion to God. If you have that, armies cannot conquer them; if you don’t, then the world’s greatest military cannot save them.

      I’m a fan of an alternate interpretation of the parable of the Good Samaritan, one that implies that we choose our neighbors. Perhaps you will choose/have chosen the white race as your neighbors. Good! That would be well done, and deserving of joy.

      • glosoli says:

        Late reply sorry.

        Excellent to hear you have Welsh blood, we may be related! I’m pure Brit, or as pure as is possible, bit of North European and Neanderthal. And next week I’ll be baptised in the Welsh sea, by an American, and in the presence of two Americans, all flying over for the week. You’d enjoy Aeoli Pera’s blog I reckon, a genius nerd. I bet you have Neanderthal Dna, and deep eye sockets, and a prominent occipital lobe.

        Whilst I’m a race realist, I’m pleased that one of my very best friends is a black Morrocan man, whose family originate in South Africa. On my next visit I’m taking him out an Arabic bible and a dual-language book about the life of Jesus. I hope and pray that I will lead him to Christ.

        I hadn’t really thought about whether God made the Jews strong or weak. It’s all very new to me, I’ve read the New Testament, and still reading the Old.
        On first consideration, I’d say he separated the wheat from the chaff, strengthened the faithful, and the Pharisees were weakened terribly.

        He definitely told us to go forth and multiply, and Japan and other nations are now suffering from ignoring that command. Including the West.

        God be with you.

        • glosoli says:

          I just read the link about neighbours.
          It was unsurprisingly timely that you shared that, as I’ve been pondering the ‘how and who’ of loving ones neighbours this past couple of weeks.
          I’ve had various answers from experienced Christians, ranging from ‘the whole of humanity’ to ‘only fellow local Christians’.
          I think it can be anyone we encounter in our lives, anywhere.
          But it would tend to be a personal encounter, and with some altruistic aid provided, which could even be a few words that nudge someone toward God, or something material.
          Thanks for the link, and thanks to God for the timing.

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