RFD: Neoreactionary T-shirt

People have been kicking around the idea of a secret signal or handshake for a while.  It’s a fun thought, but impractical for a society of a few hundred at most scattered over a world of seven billion.  I meet a bunch of new people every day: am I going to use some hammed-up codephrase for each?

No, this is ridiculous.  What we really need is a t-shirt.  Something that doesn’t look terrible, is inoffensive, but identifiable to those who know what to look for.  I may be wary of revealing my identity on the Internet, where ten thousand badly-informed (but informed!) lynch mobs are but a click away, but on the street?  No biggie.

The thing I like about a T-shirt is that it’s suited to the kind of thing NRx is.  Decide to drop out?  Just stop wearing the thing or, for instant effect, put on a jacket.  It’s a light commitment the way a blog is: a bit more money and associated with your actual person, but not nearly as explicit or available.

So: a design.  I think looking for a logo is a bad idea.  First, I have no authority to decide such.  Second, the goal is to signal affiliation/awareness rather than membership (as in this part of the interwebs awareness is membership).

The first idea that springs to mind is the creature linked here—just without the text, or the gamer.

Another idea is a stylized portrait of Carlyle—or for that matter, Moldbug (or, of course, Cthullhu).

If any of this too adolescent for you (if you giggle with schadenfreude at too many things, you lack love in your heart and need to repent), what about a pretty design?  Both traditional past  (Maybe we just need to be walking around wearing DaVinci) and aggressive future (the kind you or your parents believed in in 1969) would do.

In any case, the key is:inoffensive and inexplicit in person, publicly available on the web.

EDIT:  Ha!  More to come.



3 comments on “RFD: Neoreactionary T-shirt

  1. reakcionar says:

    Two years ago, I would have bought this shirt and wore it with pride. Nowadays, hardly. Just to be clear, I am still an adolescent in my heart, hanging on to my old heavy metal T-shirts. But, this is a bad idea.
    The real question is – what’s the point of a shirt like this. If it’s a way to spread the meme and infect more people into the movement, I think it’s a pretty lousy idea. The Cathedral has monopolized the “cool factor”, and any attempt to make something like this fashionable will end up in either ridicule or hate. I believe you are aware of that.
    That brings us to the second point – to make a signal invisible to the crowd but obvious to anyone with any knowledge of NRx. What is the actual, practical purpose of this shirt? If I see a stranger wearing a Motorhead shirt, I can approach to him, have a beer and talk about R’n’R, just to kill time and have a fun conversation. It’s a shallow part of human nature, identifying on the basis of musical taste, and there’s no need in giving it a spiritual or an intellectual dimension. NRx is way beyond that.
    If I see someone wear an NRx shirt – what then? Approach and discuss Carlyle, Filmer and Maine? It would be fun, sure, but it would miss the whole point. NRx is suppose to be about ideas, powerful ideas that bring sanity in this age of madness. Sanity comes in many varieties and from many different positions – Sunshine Mary and Heartiste are both part of “the movement”. Good ideas also come hierarchically – I do not expect Hoppe, Moldbug or Jim to wear this shirt, see me on the street with it and buy me a beer automatically. I’ve met dozens of people over the internet, and some of the most interesting ones are those who are completely undetectable to the average man, looking, acting and talking like the average citizen of their kind and status. No need to signal anything with your clothes if you can signal it by quoting de Maistre.
    NRx is already out, way too much in the public. Let’s not give it a bad rep. Let it stay closed, hermetic, a dark sect that attracts only those who have gone far beyond political correctness, progressivism, and naive libertarian ideas. Let’s not make it into a geeky childish thing.

  2. What about a lapel pin. Whoever makes a design that NRx adopts could commission its production and make a tiny fortune. You could be dressed formally (as many NRxers claim to do) and signal affiliation in a subtle and stylish way.

    • Sorry, I just saw your comment today. I should probably make comments enabled by default as I haven’t really had problems with spam.

      I actually quite like this idea. If I could find a place that made single custom pins I’d probably just make one and wear it myself.

      Will file…

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