Faith and Sacrifice

Because I’m all about bragging, I’ll just say it:  Mormons are probably better singers than you.

(What a DHV!!!!!!!!!!!!)

But seriously.  We have this whole program for kids 3-12 called Primary (same meaning as in “primary school”) on Sundays, and most of what kids do is sing.  

So yeah, I’m an OK singer, since I went through the whole deal.  By this I mean: I’m way better than someone who “doesn’t sing,” and way worse than anyone who’s had, you know, professional training.

Anyway, after church today there was one girl trolling around for people to join the (short-term) choir.  They’ll perform next week.

“We need men,” she said.  “Come sing with us.  We’re practicing right now.”

Unbeknownst to her, I had an agenda.  I had to go talk to this one other girl, about this thing.  I generally enjoy singing, but, you know, marriage mandate to fulfill.  


“I might come, but not right now,” I said.  “I can’t promise anything.”

“C’mon,” she wheedled.  “Come sing with us.”  

“Sorry,” I said.

She left in defeat.  I left and took care of my agenda.  Business thus concluded, I found the choir and sat down, sang, etc.  So it worked out for our choirmistress after all.


This sort of thing happens often: we sacrifice something, only to gain it back, or to get something better.


This is certainly a good description of Abraham’s relationship with God.  Abraham had been prophesied to be a “father of many nations,” and his wife had conceived a son in her extreme old age.  All this must have made it not only heart-wrenching, but it must also have seemed treacherous of God to demand the sacrifice of Abraham’s only son.  But hey, it worked out for him.


The willingness to go first is the only thing that will solve the (myriad) prisoner’s dilemma(s) we are all collectively in.  It is the right solution; it is also risky and dangerous.  Count the cost, and learn from the world, but make sure you’ve got your accounting right

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