Confluence of the Stars

I found Art of Manliness a long time ago, but it seemed a little too superficial too me.  While hats and safety razors are cool, it felt like “cargo cult” masculinity—reaching after the substance by imitating the form.  Bret later redeemed himself in my mind with his excellent series on manly honor, but by that time I’d moved on to fringier stuff.

One of the things I found that was “fringier” was Jack Donovan’s writing.  Jack has been something of a lone voice in the wilderness just by virtue of how radical his rhetoric is, but he was a big influence on my taking the pill.  Jack is also a big advocate of forming gangs, and I still hold the opinion that this aspect is underaddressed in the greater sphere(/r/theredpill in particular is still mostly interested in whatever will get them laid).

So it was a happy occurrence for me when the two teamed up for a podcast.

EDIT:  having just finished listening, you can probably skip it if you’re familiar with Jack’s writing, as it seems aimed at doing a survey of The Way of Men for Bret’s readers.  If you’re unfamiliar with either one of them, though, I’d highly recommend Bret’s series on honor (linked above), or basically anything Jack has written (at

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