Idolatry and the Beta Male

The idea that feminism is modern idolatry is not new (empathological’s post is dynamite btw, and funny to boot…heh…tunnel), and I think it’s spot-on.  Empathological’s post focuses mostly on Churchianity’s large-scale, churchwide observance of this particular form of idolatry in its various levels (White Knight SoCons being the least extreme, goddess worship the most).But I want to talk about the small-scale effects—the effects on one man.

She was gorgeous.  AND smart.  And she was into me.  There we were, sitting there eating Indian food, talking about…something.  I don’t remember.  Something smart.  I knew it!  Those meatheads were stronger and better-looking and cooler than me, but I was only one who’d spotted this diamond.

“Yeah,” she said.  “I think I’ll try to move to LA or something after school, maybe try to get a writing internship for a studio.”

Full stop.  What?  I thought she was into me!  I thought this was going somewhere!  It should be going somewhere, right?  Isn’t that the Plan?  Why is she not on board?

Okay, focus.  Don’t stir up trouble.  Don’t lose this.

“Oh…yeah, that’d be cool,” I say.

This is, I’m not particularly proud to say, a true account, experienced by yours truly.

Look, marriage is ordained of God.  He instituted the practice, and warned against those who would forbid it.  It is a good, righteous thing.

And in the anecdote above, I chickened out.  I saw the girl a few more times, after she had stated openly—and I had agreed—that this was probably not going to move to marriage.

Oh, don’t worry, I got my thirty pieces of silver, even in a beta frame.  A few nights later we had a good makeout session (laugh if you want, this is pretty racy as unmarried LDS guys go).  In the morning, I got up (from my bed), packed my things, and drove to my home state, end of the semester.  I never saw her again.

I had, after all, gotten what I wanted.  I’d made my choice in the restaurant.

Empathological wasn’t the first to write about this.  Pickup long ago formalized the concept of “pussy worship,” or giving undue power to sex in your decisionmaking.  Christians are focused on worship, and are concerned when it turns to the wrong thing; pickup artists are focused on the wrong thing, and are concerned when it turns to worship.

But, as I don’t need to tell you, exactly this kind of idolatry is near-universal.  Guys who wouldn’t dream of going swimming on Sunday will fall all over themselves twisting scripture to avoid offending One Who Bears A Vagina.  Crap like this is a perfect example.  No sir, no abject reversal of doctrine here!  Just us chickens, massa.

Now, idol worship sounds like a pretty good gig, particularly if you’re at the top.  But don’t think it’s a completely loose religion—it too has its own rituals that must be observed.

Behold, the Beta Sacrament!


Porn has the distinction of being both endlessly available and terrible for you.  It severs your connection with the Spirit and…and…yada…

Wait, you’ve heard all this before.  Here’s another perspective:  Porn is goddess worship.  It’s addictive—using it places you in subjection to the female.  And, deep down, we know this.  No man who has his life together regarding women needs porn.  It is an acknowledgement of thinking with the (easily fooled, easily manipulated) little head, rather than the big one.

And that weakness is precisely what will stop you from passing shit tests.

Husbands are commanded to love their wives, not submit to them—and with sex in the mix, you have to pick one or the other.

Recommended reading: Porn kills your dick’s soul  (and for fun: King of the Dongs)


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