Don’t go where the girls are plentiful, go where the men are weak

“Hey man, we’re at this awesome party!  There are a ton of hot girls here!  Get on over here!”

Due to my having some best buds who lovingly have my interests at heart, I will get this call every now and then.  And, until recently, I’d say, “Cool, I’ll be right over.”

This has met with mixed results.  I won’t describe the good results, because they’re what you’d expect from my friends’ invitation.  The bad results are much more interesting:  Dropit, how can you go to a party with a bunch of fair lades[1] and not do well?

Answer:  I’m a beta.[2]

This isn’t said with self-hatred or anything, just clear eyes.  I’m a shut-in math major.  I take terrible care of my body so I’m skin and bones.  I put zero effort into my appearance in terms of hair or anything else.  I’m pretty sure the last shirt I bought was four years ago, and I’m wearing it right now.  I can’t tell you who won the Final Four(Is it over yet?  I don’t know.  See?).

What is one of the “big ideas” of the red pill?  Tyler Durden called it the “secret society,” your grandmother(hopefully) called them “cads,” and you probably called them “douchebags” at some point.  In plain terms: 20% of the men getting 80% of the sex(Usually you discover the manosphere because you are part of the other 80%…but not always)[3].

Let’s think through the implications of that.  Say there’s a group of ten guys and ten girls:


Let’s say that the lines represent females being viscerally attracted to the males.


As you can see, it’s pretty lopsided.  You might think this is kind of extreme.  “WTF Dropit seriously?  No one at all is attracted to dudes 6-10?”  Well…apparently.  Remember, only about 33% of your ancestors were male.  Looking at the chart, who has the ability to reproduce?  The top five guys, and all ten women.  So yeah, the ratio seems about right.

But this isn’t what my friends were describing.  Let’s tilt the playing field in favor of the men a bit:


My friends would probably call me if this were the situation.

But let’s apply our 80/20 rule here and see what happens:


Here’s a question: which situation is better for guy #8?

Bzzzzzt! Trick question.  Look at the attraction graphs.  Neither situation is good.  In the second situation, he just knows more women that don’t like him.  Fantastic.

Here’s the fun part.  Let’s imagine instead an Omega Convention.  Our intrepid #8 may not be Harley McRockbandsinger[4], but he has no crippling disabilities, doesn’t laugh like a warthog, and has the social intelligence not to supplicate every five seconds.  So here, he is top of the pack.  Due to a sadistic traffic cop aware of the Manosphere, five women wander in, thinking this is a frat party.


Look at our (former) #8!  In an environment with twice as many males as before, and one THIRD as many females as before, he has increased the number of fair lades[5] attracted to him by an order of magnitude, simply by being higher in the local male hierarchy.

As I reflect on past experiences, it checks out—I’ve had much more success in groups that I dominated, even with more men than women, than I’ve had in groups full of cute girls, but where I was middling or at the bottom (it doesn’t matter, there’s “top” and “not top”) in the male hierarchy.

So it turns out, as far as the opposite sex goes, better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven, if you’re a dude.

There’s more to be covered here, particularly the effects of tightly-knit male groups, but this is a good kickoff to the blog.

[1]I knew some guys from Vegas who used this phrasing, and I thought it was cool. If the Manosphere doesn’t go mainstream, maybe this will.

[2]If we go by Vox Day’s categorizations, I’m actually a gamma.  But “not alpha” is all we really need for now, so “beta” will suffice.

[3]The exact proportions are unimportant; what’s important is that it’s very uneven.

[4]C’mon, everyone knows drummers get no respect.

[5]Yep. Definitely going mainstream.

5 comments on “Don’t go where the girls are plentiful, go where the men are weak

  1. zhai2nan2 says:

    I like the way you think.

    If the party is at all fun, I tend to be distracted by the fun of the party and thus I neglect the people there. If the party has no distracting fun, I often don’t hang out with the people very much.

    My experience is that I am not at my most charming at parties, so if I meet a girl at a party, I will be too distracted with the party to pay attention to the girl.

    One-on-one interactions are much easier to concentrate on.

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